Managing Complexity

We walk the talk as explained in the last chapter of our most recent book Managing Complexity:
- From Social Skills to Systems Skills
- The Times of the Antikythera Mechanism Are Past
- In Search of a Shared Problem
- Follow the Causes
- Communicate in Stock and Flow Diagram Language
- It's the Leverage Points
- Invest in Flexibility


Process Facilitation

We apply all the proven process facilitation methods and tools as described in our book The Co-creative Meeting and in our most recent paper Crafting Social Labs:
- Dialogue
- Experiential Learning
- Suspending Judgement
- Revealing Basic Assumptions
- Embracing Collective Intelligence
- Exploring an Intricate Issue
- Reflecting Team
- Cascade
- World Café
- Metalogue Conference
- Co-creative Peer Consultation
- Dialogue Interviews
- Open Space Technology
- Space of Possibility